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* THURSDAYS - Menu du Voyageur * - a special, PRIX FIXE menu (served in place of our usual menu) EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT. Each Menu du Voyageur investigates a particular French cuisine, concept or ingredient, to be served for two Thursdays before changing to highlight another region or subject. On Thursday nights, we do still serve Steak Frites from our regular menu and a Salad Special.

Further along our journey into the country side, we encounter the succulent and soul-warming cooking of the Loire Valley. On January 19th and 26th, experience interpretations of this cuisine central to France and her culture, and drink wines as serious as Sancerre to playful as Poilly-Fumé. See the menu below.

Ideas have travelled across borders far before cars did, though some of them with considerable more difiiculty. In 1533, Catherine de Medici was an import to France, married off as an also-ran at age 14 to a French Duke in a flurry of royal tumult and throne-jockeying typical to 16th century life. Sympathy was not to be found with the French populace, who found her unattractive and were distrustful of the fact that Catherine was born just a few city-states east in Florence, Italy. But for whatever she lacked in public appreciation, Catherine made up for with cooks, lots of them, from back home, who brought with them Italian ingredients and know-how. Eventually becoming the queen mother (to ten) as well as the mother of French gastronomy, Catherine's dual citzenship role in the histrory of cuisine will be played with on February 2nd and 9th, with Menu du Voyageur: La Fourchette de Catherine de Medici. Check out our investigation into the interplay between French and Italian cooking, menu second below.

Each Menu du Voyageur is $33 per guest, with a wine pairing available for an additional $21. Make a Reservation Online or please Call (585) 563-7941 to book a table!

January 19th and 26th:

For Beruary 2nd and 9th:



THURSDAYS - 'Menu du Voyageur' [An exclusive, prix fixe menu celebrating a specific region of France] (see above)

SATURDAYS - Booze Your Own Adventure [Bespoke cocktail menu + Disc Jockees, 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM]

SUNDAYS - Hot Shot [Order a Housemade Cure hot dog + get a round of shots on the House]

SPECIAL DINNER EVENTS - Cure hosts special dinners in collaboration with creative individuals from all across the food and beverage industry. Reservations are made in the form of purchasing tickets, and prices include service and tax. Reservations for each event can be purchased online here