Dinner is served Wednesday - Sunday 5:00 PM until 11:00 PM.

Brunch is served on Sundays, 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM

Our Bar is open until 12:00 MIDNIGHT on Wed, Thurs and Sun, and until 2:00 AM on Fri and Sat. 

Make a Reservation Online or please Call (585) 563-7941.

Wednesday, 3/29 - We host Robert Sinskey Vineyards for an evening featuring a tasting menu and wine pairing as a companion to our normal dinner menu. Sample three pours from the Sinskey portfolio, paired with three small plates of Cure cuisine. Representatives of the winery will be on site to talk about the Sinskey family property and of course, the wine. The wine and food pairing will be $35 per person, or $25 for the wines alone.

* THURSDAYS - Menu du Voyageur * - a special, PRIX FIXE menu (served in place of our usual menu) EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT. Each Menu du Voyageur investigates a particular French cuisine, concept or ingredient, to be served for two Thursdays before changing to highlight another region or subject. On Thursday nights, we do still serve Steak Frites from our regular menu and a Salad Special.

To speak of "masterful" in pertainance to French cooking would be an error without the inclusion of the name of the gent who literally charted the course of Cuisine Francais for generations. Auguste Escoffier, called "king of chefs and chef of kings" by the French press, and who in 1903 published Le Guide Culinaire, a treatise revered by the culiary arts to this day, provides the context for our Chefs' creative gastronomical energies for the month of March. Across two menus, our kitchen team will showcase a diaspora of culinary creativity culled from their own literal "travels" through Escoffier's texts and beyond. See the second installment of these menus below, for March 16th, 23rd and 30th (Escoffier II).

For the first two Thursdays in April, we stay close to home, but journey southward. New Orleans lowcountry cuisine will be the focus of Menu du Voyageur: Quartier Français, served April 6th and 13th, will allow our culinary team to investigate the French and African influences on American cooking.

Each Menu du Voyageur is $33 per guest, with a wine pairing available for an additional $21. Make a Reservation Online or please Call (585) 563-7941 to book a table!

March 16 + 23 + 30:

April 6th + 13th:



THURSDAYS - 'Menu du Voyageur' [An exclusive, prix fixe menu celebrating a specific region of France] (see above)

SATURDAYS - Booze Your Own Adventure [Bespoke cocktail menu + Disc Jockees, 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM]

SUNDAYS - Hot Shot [Order a Housemade Cure hot dog + get a round of shots on the House]

SPECIAL DINNER EVENTS - Cure hosts special dinners in collaboration with creative individuals from all across the food and beverage industry. Reservations are made in the form of purchasing tickets, and prices include service and tax. Reservations for each event can be purchased online here